Re-touch: Now, this list is the end of seven years abstention from 33⅓ RPM 12" black vinyl and the feel of the grand cardboard covers.

I had all good intentions, I wanted to get rid of the piles of old stuff on shelves, in boxes, in cellars. Cut the past analogues, ancient reminiscences of another time. It wasn’t easy, but eventually: I sold my LPs! I didn’t use them, I was the perfect ‘digitan’.

Well, it worked for seven years – as to the LPs.
I failed to really do the same with books: Apart from conveniency when carrying my whole library, the digital books didn’t really offer anything that the tree consuming real books didn’t. Most of the e-books were dull iMitations of their physical counterpart, and I soon missed reading with the enhanced experience and usability that came trough the fingers. It kindof worked to use the public library, it still does actually, but non-fiction simply wasn’t available. And one could argue, that we don’t put enough effort and passion into really exploiting the e-books being digital. Anyway, I found myself wanting real books.
Now I also wanted LPs.

> 50 personal grades of vinyl


Lastest found vinyl: Jun 29, 2024

Caroline Henderson: Cinemataztic